Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Beads Arrived!!

What a wonderful weekend. I received my bead order on Saturday morning and have made 22 school bracelets. Helped Richard work on jewelry displays this morning in between doing laundry and painting trim in the kitchen! - Whew!!!  Will post pics of the displays when we get them all done. We went to a local flea market and bought some unique items to use as jewelry displays.

As for the kitchen's been an ongoing thing for the last several years. Every time Richard thinks we're done, I think of something else I want to do.

Our grandsons had a good weekend on the football field. Chase (5th grader) caught his first pass and almost scored a touchdown - he was tackled on the 5 yard line! And Ethan (2nd grader) intercepted a pass and scored a TD!! I just LOVE watching them play sports!!

This busy weekend has me worn out so I'm gonna hit the sheets early tonight. Sweet dreams all!

Hugs - Cathy

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