Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's A Good Thing!

Work - work - work!! The spring craft show season is fast approaching and I need new "springy" designs in my inventory. Also, I've been adding products to both my Artfire and Zibbet shops.

But that isn't the 'good' thing... (more)

Earrings have been my item of choice lately to design. Not sure why I've been on this "earring" kick. Maybe because they are quick and easy. More likely because I am selling them almost as fast as I make them!!! THAT'S the GOOD THING!! My coworkers at my "real" job are my best customers. I take my designs in for their feedback and end up selling them. How cool is that!! My "peeps" at work are the best!!!

I put these on my Artfire shop on Monday night. Took them to work with me on Tuesday, sold them and had to remove them from the shop that night. So I've learned to take new designs to work FIRST, then add them to the shop.

That philosophy has resulted in this pair of earrings never reaching the shop.

My next craft show is in March, two weeks before Easter. I'm thinking bookmarks would be nice Easter basket gifts. So that will be on my list of "things to make" along with designs in nice spring colors.

It really is difficult to "think Spring" when I look out my window and see the inch or so of fluffy white snow that fell last night. Hopefully by the end of March the snow will be gone and the first flowers will be showing their spring colors.

Have a wonderful day!

Hugs - Cathy
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