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Fashion Jewelry Trends for 2010

The following article is reposted with the permission of the author, Ann Marie Hodrick, Fashion Jewelry Editor at BellaOnline.

Some things never change, like death and taxes. Fashion trends come and go. That is the way of the world, although the current economy of the world has considerably slowed the pace of change in all areas, not just fashion. Without money in play to spur changes, change is happening at a much slower pace. So it is in the world of fashion jewelry as well. In a way, everything old is new again because of the slower pace and sense of practicality and thriftiness.

Because women have a need for newness in their style, fashion will continue to offer changes. Some trends are emerging in 2010, but they are subtle and cautious. Big, edgy and bold pieces are still significant. Statement necklaces, large cocktail rings and massive bracelets remain important. What has emerged this year is that metal is playing a larger role in jewelry designs. Many designers showed pieces in shining gold, silver and bronze on the fall runways. Huge bracelets, necklaces and earrings out of different metals have appeared in the collections of most brands – from Giorgio Armani and Dolce Gabbana to Bottega Veneta and Valentino.

Even though color in jewelry is not as important now as metals, key colors will always change from one season to the next. Turquoise is the hot color for 2010 accessories this spring and summer. The fall 2010 color trends retain the lively nature of spring and summer with bright colors not usually seen in that season’s palette such as orchid, red, turquoise, leaf green and sunny yellow.

To wear color this summer, try a wrist full of chunky bangles or a big cuff as a great way to show off your bare arms. Statement necklaces are still in play and are the best way to glam up any look from jeans and a t-shirt to a simple summer dress. If you favor earrings then go big with dangly chandeliers. Hoops are always a classic look, but try switching it up a bit with a double hoop for some freshness.

It’s important to style these confident looks in a restrained way. When wearing a big or chunky piece, limit yourself to one piece of jewelry at a time and use it to complement a more basic outfit.

Exotic cultures have recently played a part in accessories and jewelry, but the change in this trend is that it is becoming more about mixing traditions; something refined and urban with something foreign and mysterious. Try mixing French chic with Indian or Asian styles for a striking look.

Some new trends that showed up on the runways for the fall are exotic leathers, cuffs, and cameos used in a more creative, less pristine sort of way. Another jewelry style that seems to be emerging and may be a key player for the holidays this year is the back necklace. Think of this as the extra long piece that is turned around - clasps in the front and hangs down the back when worn with a low back dress or blouse.

Keep in mind as you consider fashion jewelry trends that it is the combination of color, length, scale, silhouette, and use of materials that combines to create a look that is modern, memorable, and unique.

Thanks Ann Marie for a great article and letting me share it with my readers. I'm sure I will be incorporating some of these ideas into future designs at Caty Ann's Creations.

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