Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fall Fashion Color Trends

It feels like fall in NW Ohio today and I'm loving it! I sat in my studio last night (it's upstairs) with the window open designing school charms for the first fall craft fair.

There was a nice cool breeze coming through the open window, the local HS football game was tuned in on the radio, and I was at peace with the world.

Feeling the early signs of fall reminded me of an article that came through the inbox recently about the 2010 fall fashion color trends. Covering the full color spectrum from warm to soft cool colors, the palette includes bold, dark, bright colors offering a wide range of design possibilities.

An order of turquoise nuggets are on their way that would look nice with chocolate brown Swarovski pearls and silver accents. The creative juices are starting to flow!

The enitre Pantone article can be seen here on their website and a free copy of the Pantone Fall Color Report can be downloaded from there. Go check it out and start designing!!!

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