Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Share the Love - Thunder Rose Leather

 Featured Artisans

Thunder Rose Leather

This weeks Featured Artisans are Debbie and John of Thunder Rose Leather. You will find original quality made leather accessories! Handbags, clutches, baby moccasins, medicine bags and more!

Debbie and John are buckskin and bead work artists living outside Sedona, Arizona in a little community called Cornville. All of their work is handmade in Arizona and they guarantee their work. Elkskin is the primary leather used with buffalo, deerskin, and deer tanned cowhide also available. Debbie and John do old style leather and beadwork by hand, one piece at a time and pay close attention to detail. Visittheir websites to see all their beautiful items and don't forget to "like" their Facebook page!

You can find Thunder Rose Leather on:

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